Are demi lovato and nick jonas dating passion and potions dating service

Let bygones be bygones, à la Jonas, Gomez, and Cyrus.

Yeah."It's honestly pretty remarkable that Jonas' relationships with Cyrus and Gomez remained so cordial under a white hot spotlight of fame.

“[I thought] that we were going to get sued," Jonas, 23, says. On top of losing a friend, we have seven dates left, it's a big production, people are expecting to see Demi and that's not going to happen.

I was angry, because a week before I pleaded with her to confide in me.

“The tricky thing is, from what I've heard, I'm a bit emotionally unavailable,” Nick says.

Demi went further, admitting she wasn’t a fan of the former Miss Universe beauty, who Nick broke up with last summer after two years together. “I go, 'Honestly, I didn't like her anyway,’” Demi laughs.

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