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On the issue of women safety, he said, " prejudiced mindsets, women are still victims of violence.

They need to feel secure in public places, and this should be a matter of concern for all of us.

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"When I started people asked why couldn't I find a better employment.

Why was I trying to break families," she said adding that in last 25 years she has solved 75,000 cases.

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"No one can imaging that any physically disabled person would top the IAS and allied services examination.

She said the authorities initially told her there were no women porters and hence it would be difficult for her.

But she persisted and eventually given the badge number 15 of her husband, who was also a coolie.

When Manju, porter number 15 at the Jaipur railway station, narrated the circumstances in which she had to take a profession where only men worked even President Ram Nath Kovind got sentimental.

"I weighed 30 kilograms and the passengers' luggage was also 30 kgs but it was nowhere to the burden of feeding three children. My brother asked me to come to Jaipur and look for something," Manju said addressing the gathering of women achievers at Rashtrapati Bhavan today.

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