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Accept Changes(); // Commit all row changes some Table.

Accept Changes() ' Commit all row changes some Table.

btn Child Rows_Click Child Rows Data Set Data Table Create Data Set ( 5.1), Add Data ( 5.2).

Employees Departments Data Set Code Child ROWS, Employees Departments (.

Using the Debugger, it appears the Data Set loads correctly, the Data Row is populated correctly, and the new row is added to the Data Set. Open() Dim Sql Insert Command1 As Sql Command = New Sql Command() Sql Insert Command1.

Command Text = "INSERT INTO Categories (Category Name, Description) VALUES (@Category Name, @Description)" Sql Insert Command1.

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Reject Changes(); // Reject changes since last commit Visual Basic some Table. Delete(); // Marks row for removal during approval Visual Basic some Table. Column1 Properties Department ID Column Name System. Close Columns Collection Editor, Tables Collection Editor ds Employee Inf Departments. Properties btn Create Relations (Name) Create Relations Text. Data Set Code Create Relations, Employees Departments. ): Parent Relations Child Relations, Data Table ( ) . , Data Set Data Set, Sql Data Set, Oledb Data Set Odbc Data Set. Data Table Data Row, Data Column Constraint, Data Relation, . frm Data Set Component ds Employee Info Departments (. Data Set Code Solution Explorer Properties, Data Set Code Property Pages. General Common Properties Data Set Code Property Pages, frm Data Set Component Startup object. Key Columns Columns Relation ID, ID Parent Columns rel Department Employees. Foreign Key Columns Columns Relation Department ID, Department ID Child Columns rel Department Employees. Update rule ( ), Delete rule ( ) Accept/Reject rule ( /), Update Rule, Delete Rule Accept Reject Rule. Properties ds Employees Info Tables, , Tables Collection Editor.

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