Dating dudson jasperware

From these scraps of designs, shapes and colours a picture was built up from which whole examples were sought at auctions and other sales.

These included fine examples of Jasper Ware said to rival Wedgwood and unusual Victorian black Ebony decorative items.

The Victorians had a great passion for ferns and this passion was expressed, among other ways, through the production of a wide range of 'ferny' decorative objects made in pottery, glass, metals, textiles, wood, printed paper, stone and other materials.

Ferns proved to be a particularly fruitful group of plants for new records because they had been relatively little studied compared with flowering plants.

I am unpacking and listing from my collections once again after a short break, so please keep looking.

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Three letter impressed mark (dating code) introduced for earthenwares 1875-85 Turquoise jasper introduced 1891 'England' mark introduced 1895 Incorporation of firm as Josiah Wedgwood and Sons Ltd.

This teapot has been used and the filter is tea stained but there are no faults and no other signsof usage. If I have overcharged you by more than 50p I will refund the amount by PAYPAL which is the only method of payment I accept. I live a fair way from my nearest post office,no longer drive and the local bus has been withdrawn but usually I manage to post my parcels within two working days of receiving payment.

This pattern is illustrated in "Dudson,a Family of Potters" on pages 49 and 91. Heavy rain,snow or gale force winds, as recently experienced, may cause an occasional problem and I would send you a message if there is a delay.

She is also the Curator of The Dudson Ceramics Museum in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, where her passion for the history of Staffordshire figures has resulted in the co-authorship of a recently published book on the subject.

An antique jasperware green on green teapot with the sprigging depicting the nursery and playground game of "Blind Man's Buff".

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