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No other firm in the world can offer this type of risk-related service.PRS’ projections have been tested against foreign investor losses due to political reasons and found to be most accurate.University libraries typically purchase our monthly and annual publications for their value as a reference material.Our historical datasets are used extensively by researchers to contribute to the literature by illuminating a range of political and economic phenomena.The ICRG is completely separate from the Political Risk Services line of products.Dr Christopher Mc Kee uses a separate methodology to arrive at its political and country risk ratings.

Non-governmental organizations, think tanks, and private equity groups also purchase our reports and data on a regular basis and engage the firm in consulting projects.

At a clients’ request, PRS data is now interfaced with a number of artificial intelligence programs to produce outstanding and unique results.

For example, ICRG’s composite scores have been forecasted out one year with a 90% accuracy rate!

PRS is based on the Coplin-O’Leary political and country risk rating methodology.

It is the only risk methodology that provides probabilities to alternative political regimes over an 18-month and five-year term.

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