Dating ultrasound 2 weeks behind

I know someone who has a healthy, happy baby girl who also measured two weeks behind, so that gives me comfort. The lh surge gives you a 49 hour window for when you'll ovulate, plus it's possible to have multiple surges and surge without ovulating.

I measured 2-3 weeks behind by LMP date at my first ultrasound, which partially made sense due to my long cycles, but not entirely and it made me nervous wondering if something was wrong. Fortunately, at my second appointment 3 weeks later we saw a much bigger baby on the ultrasound and heard a strong heartbeat of 180!! Try not to worry - every pregnancy has its own timeline and there isn't always a clear explanation for it.

The odds of miscarrying drop after a heartbeat is seen in ultrasound and it's really hard to get an accurate measurement that early.

I'd say hope for the best, prepare for the worst and wait it out.

I have had that with my daughter at the beginning and later they changed my due date. I've been told that a 7 day range is normal, 2 weeks if you weren't tracking ovulation.

Take a deep breath and trust that your body is doing the hard work to help the little bean grow! Implantation can occur between about 6-10 (something like that) after ovulation, and I'm not entirely convinced that medical science can accurately measure in the early weeks.

Sometimes depends on the angle they're measuring your baby.

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The results for the 1st test have come back at 100,000 which is way higher than 6 weeks should be.ajakv im so happy to hear your story, I'm going though exactly the same thing, I had an ultrasound last week i was suppose to be 8wks 4 days, but measures 6 weeks 2 days.Had bloods and they were 88000, then i went for another blood test yesterday and now they have dropped to 77000, so totally stressing out.We were all totally shocked and the obstetrician kept saying ' I don't understand it'.Anyway, it was great news and he has told me that I am at no more risk now than any other pregnant woman at this stage.I work in a very remote area so I cant get into town for an ultrasound for 2 weeks, total waiting game and it's driving me crazy!So glad to hear one success story with the same situation.Especially if they are positive, but also want to be realistic and not get my hopes up to much. Where you know your pregnant and pretty sure on your dates but theres spotting and no baby on an ultrasound and the HCG's are off...had a feeling and did an ultrasound on someone in your situation right before a scheduled D& C and there it was...a little heartbeat. Googling makes the most normal pregnancy worrisome. I am prepared for the worst and any news now is good news.Sometimes we're just not as far as we think we are. Your right that it's better to know as soon as possible. If I've miscarried then at least I'll know and can move on, if I haven't then even better.Some advice and support would be really appreciated on this. The ultrasounds measured the baby at 6 weeks and 1 day - 12 days behind in total.The obstetrician asked whether my dates were out etc, but my LMP was definitely 14th November 2013 as I noted it down.

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