Effects of dating on children

To conclude, scientists should continue studying possible side effects connected with the consumption of GM foods.

I think all countries must require GMO labelling, as consumers should be free to choose whether to buy GM foods or not.

Nonetheless, I feel that there is no risk to human health. Some people say that they are thinking about becoming vegetarians because they want to become healthier and to live longer.

However, do vegetarian diets really benefit your health?

Fast food restaurants like Mc Donald’s serve millions of people in more than 100 countries each day.

Thirdly, fast food is high in fat, sugar and calories and full of chemical additives.

On the contrary, many people like fast food because it is tasty, cheap and ubiquitous.

Besides, fast food can be prepared and served very quickly, so going to fast food restaurants helps to save time and money.

Secondly, GM crops provide benefits to the environment through a reduction in the use of pesticides.

In addition, the recent rapid increase in human population has raised concerns that we will not be able to provide everybody with food.

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