Error consolidating itunes library

In order to get record labels on board with the i Tunes Music Store, Apple agreed to develop and implement Fair Play, a proprietary system for controlling access to downloaded content.

During the move (whether copying the files over or using i Tunes) the move fails due to error 50. As I am sure your aware were up 10.12 Sierra the it is not uncommon for folk to stay on 10.11 for a while Sierra maturers. If you your computer supports it would be a good idea to jump to a much higher version of MAC OS.-Can you tell us how you're copying the files? I've tried moving the files several ways: mounting the device as a server and using Finder to copy, used i Tunes to change the library location and consolidate music function, and using the web interface to the NASI am connected via an apple base station Yes, the files are on an internal drive I have not run the disk utility.Using i Tunes Using a Third-Party Program Community Q&A Are you constantly filling up your i Pod with multiple copies of the same track? Follow this guide to delete duplicates from within i Tunes, or use a third-party program or script to delete them automatically.My i Tunes Library has folders full of playlists for family, friends, and others along with mixtapes both natively digital and those I’ve reconstructed from actual cassettes.Today I deleted my entire i Tunes library: music, playlists and all. The only real argument I’ve ever had with i Tunes is DRM.Is this basestation wired or wireless connection to your ISP router/cable modem etc.Moving 500GB will likely be slow regardless of method even over the LAN.In 2007, nearly four years after the Music Store launch, Steve Jobs wrote “Thoughts On Music”, in which he called upon record labels to abandon the DRM strategy:“Imagine a world where every online store sells DRM-free music encoded in open licensable formats.In such a world, any player can play music purchased from any store, and any store can sell music which is playable on all players.I'm trying to see if anyone else has seen this and has overcome it. I will try that as well Library is very large (418 Gb)Thanks for trying to help.Does your use your mapping the drive with have Read/Write access?

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