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Not one of Dickens’s child characters enjoys a happy and uncomplicated relationship with two living parents.

Loutish Orlick, Joe’s other apprentice, for example, seems to function as Pip’s alter ego when he attacks his uncaring sister, Mrs. It is also a novel that depicts the powerful influence of environment as well as of heredity: Magwitch, the convict, and bitter Miss Havisham were themselves both abused and lonely as children.

Miss Havisham (the wordplay on “sham” is appropriate) lets Pip believe that it is she who is his benefactor, but the real benefactor is actually the least likely person imaginable: Magwitch, the monstrous convict, who has made good in Australia and now returns to England (thereby breaking the rules of his sentence) in hopes that the boy he has “made” will return his devoted affection.

Pip is horrified and disgusted: His money is contaminated.

The student should read every day from Monday through Friday.

After reading the chapters, the student should answer all study questions in this book to ensure understanding and comprehension. The fourth week is set aside for reports, projects, and testing as deemed necessary by the teacher.

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