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This subfamily is generally called Inupiaq in Alaska, but also Inuktitut in Canada and Kalaallisut in Greenland.

It consists of many dialects, each understandable to speakers of neighboring dialects, although not to speakers of geographically distant dialects.

Many of these groups prefer to be called by their specific ? The Thule Inuit, who by AD 1000 to 1200 had reached Greenland, overran the Dorset people.

They used driftwood and sometimes the skeleton of whale, to construct the frame of the kayak, and animal skin, particularly seal skin was used to create the body.

They are used for dog food, clothing, and materials for making boats, tents, and harpoons lines, as well as fuel for both light and heat.

In Alaska and Canada, caribou are hunted in the summer.

At one time they were permanent winter houses of the Inuit in central and eastern Canada.

In the 20th century many Inuit have moved into towns to live in government built, western housing.

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