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I thought I'd make a troll profile (good looking guy but no model) first to test out and I've received 10 unsolicited messages mostly from euro girls in the last 2 days, some look ok. Has anyone else used this site to pipeline instead of the usual dating sites? Apologies for any spelling mistakes, I'm writing from my phone so it's a bit rushed. When I say about the guys commenting on girls pics its just the standard beta shit which guys will write on fb or any dating site to girls, calling them beautiful, hot, amazing etc.

I spent a lot of time on Interpals when I was in highschool.

I am seeking friendship only and learning about other cultures.

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I believe that every day is a gift and it's up to us to open it and enjoy. I do not judge a book by it's cover, and don't need labels or tags attached to me or others to show who they are. Could talk about anything, but the rut of life has robbed me of this luxury. I'm 25 and reaching a point in my life where that number is just sinking in.

Met 3 chicks off here, no bangs so far, but a few nudes from one.

Would recommend this site if you have some time to kill before your flight.

This is a penpal website but seems to operate much like a dating site e.g. I came across it looking for some free sites to pipeline for an upcoming trip to EE this summer, there seems to be allot of young chicks from Poland, CZ, Ukraine and etc.

Every remotely attractive girl seems to have friends list full of guys and 100s of pic comments with the usual shit 'beautiful', 'amazing' and so on.

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