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And, of course, the dating scene partially moved to the Net.Some of us find it strange and inconvenient while others (like us) believe it’s a great advantage.You’d think that there’s nothing simpler than loving yourself. But quite often people just can’t find enough strength to do it. Well, someone is constantly trying to find flaws in his character, some dream of being prettier, and others just take people’s opinion too close to heart.Not always a love story ends with a wedding and a happy end.When both partners share their joys, sorrows, fears, they become closer to each other and reach a mutual understanding.

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She’s unpredictable and doesn’t let anyone closer easily.

Modern society considers modesty and shyness some sort of rudiment that defines losers or something that graces a woman but not a brutal man who must come forward all the time.

However, who said girls do not like modest or shy guys?

During this period, you may get the feeling that you are on the verge of a breakup.

In order to help you, we've collected the romantic things to say to and to do for your girlfriend.

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