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Things start to heat up for the Bel Ami guys in the Vatican.Kevin Warhol keeps his promise to Brother Massimo and organizes a tryst for him with Gino Mosca and Claude Sorel. Former Bel Ami model Florian Nemec is now working as Jamie Blyton, he’s appeared on Men At Play and Colt.It’s a hot 4way with Kevin Warhol and Claude Sorel fucking super hot Swiss Guards Marcel Gassion and Hoyt Kogan.Brother Massimo completes the horny covenant and procures for Kevin Warhol and Claude Sorel two heavenly Guardsmen so graced with sexy perfection as to have you believing in miracles- Guardsmen Seduttori and Dissoto, played by Hoyt Kogan...Night scenes rarely fail to please and this one is no exception, you... Gino can’t resist getting a taste of Claude’s beautiful dick every chance he gets. You can see the full video and get regular updates exclusively at CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE OF CLAUDE SOREL AND GINO MOSCA The Sistine Chapel might be the most amazing tourist attraction of the Vatican City.Gino Mosca and Claude Sorel are two of Bel Ami‘s sexiest dark haired boys. When it comes to the Scandal in the Vatican 2: the Swiss Guard, the most amazing tourist attraction is Joel Birkin’s 9 inch cock.Both like to tease and heat up the other’s desires.Touching, kissing and licking each part of their bodies as if they had known it forever. This is the final scene in Bel Ami’s Scandal In The Vatican 2 – The Swiss Guard series.

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The blue skies and pleasant weather always put the boys in a great mood. Ariel is on the bottom here enjoying every thrust of Nate’s big dick until he shoots his load all over himself. Jean-Luc Bisset stars in this update with Kevin Warhol who is one of Bel Ami‘s main ‘trainers’ for new boys.

This is the first hardcore update that form part of Bel Ami‘s Loving Kris Evans special. On day one they did the oral part and on day 2 the fucking.

The combination of Kris Evans, Vadim Farrell and Jack Harrer is sure to go down as one of the most memorable 3ways.

This involves showing them all the tricks for having sex in front of a camera.

A lot of this happens off set, and some of it in front of the camera.

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