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This pub normally has a good mix of home and away supporters, although for certain high profile games and local derbies the pub does not admit away supporters.There is a good sized beer garden & car park at the pub.James Pritchett adds to get to the Sumners; ' Make sure you go towards Sainsburys and away from the Town Centre and it should take five minutes.As you go past Sainsburys turn right at the lights and it is half way up the hill. The pub welcomes a mix of away and home support and are friendly towards families.Even though it is of the same height and has a similar roof, it has a smaller tier of seating, with 22 executive boxes sitting above.Alas I presume that there was not enough space to incorporate another player image on the seating so instead we have to make do with the letters ' PNE FC' instead.Away fans are housed in the modern Bill Shankly Kop at one end of the pitch.

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It is just a normal pie but with a filling of very buttery mashed potato and onion.However for teams with a large away support, then the whole end can be allocated, raising the allocation to 6,000.The views of the playing action and facilities within this stand are excellent.There is a wide range of food available including; Cheeseburgers (£3.70), Burgers (£3.50), Hot Dogs (£3.70), Meat & Potato Pie (£2.80), Chicken Balti Pie (£2.80), Steak & Kidney Pie (£2.80) and the Potato & Butter Pie (£2.80).You can also get a pie, peas and gravy for £3.70, plus the Club offer a ' Pie & a Beer' for £5.70.Outside the stadium is a statue of former Preston legend Tom Finney.Whilst at the back of the Tom Finney Stand is a small cafe that also houses a collection of Preston North End memorabilia.The first of these stands to be built was the Sir Tom Finney Stand in 1995.This was followed by the Bill Shankly Kop in 1998 and the Alan Kelly Stand in 2001.I was attracted to it by a flag at the top of the new Invincibles Stand that read ' True Prestonians Love a Butter Pie!' I particularly enjoyed my last visit as the fans, stewards and even police all seemed to be fairly friendly and there was a good atmosphere being generated within the ground.

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