Sedating children on long haul flights Fuck chat without a password

There have now been enough reports of side effects and deaths in children due to phenergan that the FDA is requiring the new warnings and dosing instructions.

According to the new warnings: Phenergan should NOT be used in children less than 2 years of age.

Your child may have a condition that makes it particularly dangerous to take certain medications.

Although we dose most pediatric drugs by the weight of the child, every child is different and some drugs have more variability from person to person in how they are metabolized.To reduce the risk of an unintended reaction, a wise precaution would also be to avoid using any medications your child has never taken before, and take care. As for me, I will pass on the drugs this holiday season.If things get too hairy, I might reconsider for next year.My dad was given sedatives for me and my brother after my mum died to use as a last resort.My brother was 7 days old and I was one (obviously more for me than my brother im assuming) He was given phenergan by our family GP.We're going on a long flight with our toddler who really doesn't travel well (economy class with active, agitated toddler sitting on our laps ).Way too much energy, not enough patience, prone to frequent tantrums, won't sleep or eat when routine is disrupted (no matter how hungry or tired), so we're not really looking forward to this..Hmm just did an internet search and found this article ...The Food and Drug Administration is requiring a new warning and changes to dosing information for promethazine (Phenergan ), a commonly used drug for nausea and vomiting in children and adults.But, behind this simple suggestion lies a heated debate.**Those For** “I have taken quite a few airplane rides with my boys and rarely travel without the Benadryl,” confesses one mother of two. Tim Johnson, Shanghai East International Medical Center, likewise believes that sedating children on long plane rides might be a good option for some parents.

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