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If you prefer daytime trains and hotels to sleepers, and fancy a morning (or more) in Krakow on the way, this is ideal.

If Krakow has become the new Prague, then Lviv is the new Krakow...

All-Europe online train times Eurostar times & fares UK, EU, Swiss & US citizens no longer need a visa for stays of up to 90 days.

This visa-free arrangement was introduced in 2005, but has been extended indefinitely. With the current situation in parts of Ukraine such as the Crimea, check Foreign Office travel advice at uk/foreign-travel-advice.

You must pay in cash, not credit card, but both euros and zlotys are accepted.

During the Crimean war of 1854-55 the British used it as their supply port for the siege of Sevastopol.Ordered online through 243 zlotys (51 or 57) in a 3-bed sleeper. All these prices are per person per bed, berths are sold individually.It's now possible to reach Kiev using comfortable air-conditioned daytime trains with an overnight hotel stop in Berlin and Krakow, using the modern air-conditioned Przemysl-Lviv-Kiev fast train introduced in December 2016.Treat yourself to a meal and kill a couple of hours over a beer and some food in the restaurant...An excellent sausage soup, a main course of schnitzel, potato and salad, all served on proper china, a beer and coffee all come to only around 10.Balaclava, 7 miles from Sevastopol, also has no railway station.It's most easily (and very cheaply - about 2) reached by taxi, but there are also buses (with a change of bus required from trolleybus to diesel bus at the out-of-town trolleybus terminal).To buy train tickets in Ukraine online in UK, see or For train times & fares in all ex-Soviet countries see It's also possible to go via Krakow, using the daily Krakow-Lviv sleeper train, an ideal route to stop off in Krakow and see two great cities on one trip. Indeed, it's possible to go London to Prague, sleeper train Prague to Krakow, then this sleeper train from Krakow to Lviv - three of Europe's best cities in one trip!A seaside resort and site of the 1945 Yalta Conference, Yalta has no railway station but it can be reached by trolleybus from Simferopol. It's the longest trolleybus ride in the world, taking a very scenic (but bum-numbing...) 2 hours 40 minutes across the mountain range and down to the coast. Livadia Palace, site of the Yalta Conference 1945: Don't miss the Livadia Palace on the coast just outside Yalta town centre - the famous photographs of Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin seated side-by-side at the 1945 conference was taken in the courtyard here.

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