Updating firmware for cd dvd burners

BMW no longer uses this SPDIF cable in order to support the Sirius radio audio inputs.As of Feb 2006 Production BMWs, the factory installed option of an Original BMW CD changer that will play MP3s, and WMA files on CD-Rs and CD-RWs.IF your BMW was equipped with DSP audio system, you will also need to change the audio input connection from the single wire direct from CD changer to DSP amp to the new audio connector.This is the same change that is required to support BMW Sirius satellite radio.Using part number P/N, connect from the CD changer to the new Radio.- (sorry no image yet) Info and Pictures of new Changer in operation.

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The below documentation will feature navigation information, although the basic functionality and installation is the same. If you would like full MP3 ID3 Tag support you will need to radio to the latest version BM53 and navigation computer to the MKIV version 4/1/00 to support the viewing of MP3 ID3 audiotext.

Simply remove the 4 10mm nuts around the CD changer (if present) and the 4 screws on the side of the bracket once removed.

Disconnect the 3 pin and the 6 pin connector and replace on the new changer.

I do not know all of the radio part numbers that are supported, but the following part numbers of the radios have been reported to fully support MP3 audiotext (please let us know if your radio supports Audiotext so that we can update this info): E39, E46, E53 (X5) With Navigation Will require latest version BM53 and MKIV with latest firmware E46, X5 Without Navigation 65 12 6 961 215 - Business CD 10/05 newer E46 65 12 6 943 430 - Business CD 10/04 - 10/05 E46 part number unknown 08/05 and newer X5 Business CD The below information details HOW to get your BMW that was made prior to dates above to show MP3 ID3 Audiotext (Band, Song Title, Album) and support for track and directory sorting using this new CD Changer.

In addition to MP3 audiotext, when you upgrade the radio to the new generation radio you also get the added support for BMW Sirius Satellite radio receiver, and Auxiliary input. Z8, Z4 Installation Example in X5, and E39 M5, and displaying MP3 Audiotext in earlier BMWs Installation is simple in the X5.

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