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“Most of the people who have good relationship skills are married.” Love locations Online dating websites have been one way that singles improve their chances of meeting their significant other.

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Census figures may not be an accurate reflection of who is paired up because they don't divide out by age group how many people are partnered but not legally married.There are 5,241 households with unmarried partners in Clark County.All the romantic hoopla on Valentine’s Day may cause some singles to wonder what their chances are of finding “the one.” Although the answer is unknown, the ease or difficulty in finding a mate may vary according to age, sex and the frequency one visits certain settings where singles are statistically most likely to find their other half, according to experts.The median age of marriage for women is now 26 compared with 20 in 1950, according to the Census Bureau. The drawback of that trend is when people are ready to marry, they have already passed up the best opportunities to find someone.“After high school and college, people are out of an easy pool of eligible people,” Schwartz said.“The problem with dating at this age is everyone has baggage, including myself,” Tuttle said.“There are broken marriages, broken homes and hurt.Vancouver resident Kim Tuttle, 46, knows the pickings of eligible bachelors in her age group are slim.After three years in Crossroads Community Church’s Singles 30 fellowship in Vancouver, Tuttle hasn’t found a mate yet.“You’ve got to have moxie to get anything done,” Schwartz said.Late bloom of love Census figures indicate the challenge of finding a partner intensifies with age, especially for women.

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