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Bethany Joy Lenz, also known by nickname Joie Lenz, is a television and film actress who is mostly recognized by fans as Haley James of One Tree Hill.

She is a talented singer-songwriter and a producer.

But for its gay and Mormon trappings, it could take its place alongside mainstream romantic comedies, from its setup (pretty boy bets he can seduce the saintly Mormon) to its lesson of love-as-redemption. Jay Cox also wrote the script for Sweet Home Alabama, a movie even more at home with cliché that didn’t even make sense on its own terms.

In Latter Days, he uses Sandvoss’s character to live out his nostalgia about his own homoerotic days as a Mormon missionary and self-described “little queer cowboy” growing up in Nevada.

(His official biography points out that he studied at Harvard at the same time as Natalie Portman ’03, as well as listing credits in student productions of Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, Ba’al, Galileo, and readings of his own work.) During college, Sandvoss acquired an agent in New York and did some commercials while an undergrad.

By graduation, he’d openly acknowledged his desire to act for a living, and eventually switched allegiances to Los Angeles.

“Natural’s best,” he says, particularly for his “Texas curls.” He has learned, “Don’t tell it what to do, but let it do what it wants because it always wins!

One critic likened him to a “Viking pool boy,” while another gushed that he was the “stud of the hour.” Sandvoss denies that he’s already reached iconic status in the gay community, but clearly has no problem with the attention: “Hey, if it happens, bring it on.” Odds are Sandvoss’s mind was on other things when he arrived at Harvard as a first-year intending to groom himself for international business and study Mandarin Chinese.

But luckily for the world’s Viking pool boy fans, he burned out on business fast. “I went to prep school so by the time I got to freshman year, I didn’t want to do anything intellectual.” He wound up concentrating in English and picking up theater for the first time.

Accepting his first and leading role in a “gay movie” was a potentially risky move for a novice actor, but it’s worked to Sandvoss’s advantage.

“Hollywood’s so gay anyway,” he says, noting that the casting directors he comes before these days have either seen the movie or heard the buzz around it.

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